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Ryukyu / Okinawa Resources 琉球・沖縄関係資料: Special Collection

Guide to library and Web resources in Ryukyu / Okinawa 琉球・沖縄に関連する資料ガイド

Sakamaki Hawley Collection 阪巻・宝玲文庫

デジタル版・阪巻宝玲文庫 digital archives of Sakamaki/Hawley Collection

               < available at University of the Ryukyus, Digital Speciall Collections >


The Sakamaki/Hawley Collection has over 5,000 items, mostly consisting of Ryukyu source materials. The Ryukyu materials (over 2,000 copies/936 items) were collected by the late English journalist Frank Hawley (1906-1961) and it is complemented by the personal collection of former University of Hawaii professor Shunzō Sakamaki. When Frank Hawley died in 1961, Prof. Sakamaki contacted the family and started negotiating the purchase of the collection. Aided by donations from the United Okinawan Association of Hawaii, the University was able to purchase Hawley's Ryukyu collection.


The Sakamaki/Hawley Collection contains many materials dating from the 1400s to the 1960s about the Ryukyus and Okinawa. Frank Hawley collected over 2,000 items during his 30 years of living in Japan. The majority of the items are in Japanese, but there are also materials in various European languages, Chinese, and Ryukyuan language (Uchināguchi). The collections are in different formats such as western binding, Japanese traditional binding books, maps, scrolls, woodblock prints, handwritten manuscripts, etc. They are now in the rare book cage at the Asia Collection of Hamilton Library and are available for research and exhibitions by advance appointments and arrangements.


The UHM University Archives holds the Shunzo Sakamaki Papers

Access Policy

► To access materials in the Sakamaki/Hawley Collection at site, please read the Access Policy and make an appointment in advance.

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