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International Indigenous Librarians' Forum (IILF) Guide

Continuing to Affirm the Knowledge and Values of Indigenous Peoples in the Age of Information

The Second International Indigenous Librarians' Forum was held September 4-9, 2001 in Ájtte, Jokkmokk, Sweden. This Forum's theme was "Continuing to Affirm the Knowledge and Values of Indigenous Peoples in the Age of Information" and included presentations, cultural experiences, and four gatherings of a newly formed Indigenous Librarians Council. Thirty-five Indigenous librarians represented Indigenous library services in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the United States.

The formal conference presentations investigated three themes. The first explored issues that affect Indigenous culture, including digital equity and the development of guidelines and protocols for indigenous library services. A second focus was the use of technology in communicating, documenting, and preserving indigenous culture. The third theme explored specific library services in Australia, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Canada, Norway, and the United States.

The Forum created the following statements:

  1. The Indigenous librarians of this Forum recognize the importance of language in relation to cultural identity and will inspire progress within our professions, whilst advocating for self-determination and control of indigenous knowledge.
  2. This Forum proposes that international guidelines and protocols be developed to guide libraries, archives and other information providers to assure that culturally responsive practices for Indigenous people are implemented in their environment, services, programs, collections and staffing.
  3. We as Indigenous librarians seek to form alliances with other international indigenous bodies committed to nurturing indigenous youth.
  4. We as Indigenous librarians affirm our commitment to utilize our collective skills, values and expertise in both cultural and professional spheres to strengthen indigenous youth.
  5. As Indigenous librarians, we state that the use of intellectual and cultural property in any medium, especially in light of the global instantaneous impact of the electronic environment, without the approval of all appropriate Indigenous authorities is unacceptable.

2001 Website Archive

A hardcopy of the 2001 IILF website can be found here.