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LIS 693: Resources in Hawaiian & Pacific Librarianship, Fall 2016

Week 1: August 22

Introduction (Opening video: Papa Mau: The Wayfinder)
Opening remarks, introductions, discussion of assignments (Shim & Kleiber)



Introduction to the Hawaiian Pacific Collections and stacks tour (Shim & Kleiber)

Required Reading for August 22 - Discussion leaders: Shim & Kleiber

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Week 2: August 29

An Ocean of Knowing (Opening video: kaulana na pua)
Overview of the Pacific: 
Guest speaker: Dr. Terence Wesley Smith. Center for Pacific Islands Studies

Dr. Terence Wesley Smith's photo

 Handouts: General Map, Political Map, Regional Profile, and Political Statuses.




Hawaiian and Pacific Studies (centers, activities, publications, collections) (Shim & Kleiber)


Required Readings for August 29 - Discussion leaders: Alison & Chezlani

Trask readings via Laulima: "From a Native Daughter", "Politics in the Pacific Islands: Imperialism and Native Self-Determination"

Hawaiʻi & Pacific Studies Centers and Collections

Universities and Colleges

Government and Inter-Governmental Agencies


Professional Organizations


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Week 3: September 5 (HOLIDAY)

Labor Day!

Week 4: September 12

Finding Our Way, Finding Our Voice (Opening video: Tamiano J. Gurr - "Bush Cutter")
Print reference sources (Books, Journals and Newspapers) (Shim & Kleiber)



Indigenous Voices from and beyond the page: Guest speaker: Kealiʻi MacKenzie, HPL Hawaiian & Pacific Collection

Kealii MacKenzie's photo Presentation: Pacific Literature Presentation: Brief History and Some Resources.

Required Readings for September 12 - Discussion leaders: Erica & Ashley

Additional suggested readings

Selina Tusitala Marsh, Teaching Pacific Literature (2010)

General HP databases and reference resources

Databases, Indexes and Discovery Tools


Library Guides


Tools for advanced searching


H&P Newspapers

Indexes (partial full text)


Library Guides


Reference Texts

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Week 5: September 19

Voices from the Past and Today
Early publishing and the transition from oral to written: Guest speaker: Stu Dawrs, UHM Pacific Collection

Presentation: Voices from the Past and Today(ish): early publishing and the transition from oral to written.


Online reference sources (indexes, databases, websites) (Shim & Kleiber)


Required Readings for September 19 - Discussion leaders: Dee & Kelly


General tip: When looking for early European and American writing about Hawaiʻi and the Pacific in Voyager, the subject headings [COUNTRY] Discovery and Travel or [COUNTRY] Description and Travel (example: Rapa Nui Discovery and Travel; Hawaiʻi Description and Travel).

Selected databases, Indexes & Online Resources:


Library guide:


Reference texts:




Selected databases & online indexes:
(for a more complete list of electronic resources, see the research strategies page of Literature of the Pacific libguide)


Library Guide:


Reference texts:
(See also the "Reference Materials" section of the Literature of the Pacific libguide)

Unpublished Bibliographies:


Selected literary journals:
See "Reference Materials" section of Literature of the Pacific libguide for a more comprehensive list of Pacific related journals. See the above bibliographies for other citations to journals and anthologies.)

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Week 6: September 26

News Today, History Tomorrow (Opening video: Ike Kuokoa - Service With a Heart)
Historical Research: Guest speaker: Kawena KomeijiUHWO Hawaiian & Pacific Collection

Kawena Komeiji's photoPresentation: Historical research in Hawaiʻi 




Newspapers: Guest speaker: Dore Minatodani, UHM Hawaiian Collection

Dore Minatodani's photo Presentation: HawaiʻiNewspapers

Required Readings for September 26 - Discussion leaders: Zachary & Erin


Hawaiʻi/Pacific Science

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Week 7: October 3

Who's Counting and Who's Who (Opening Video: Tuvalu by bicycle)
Statistics, demography and census: Guest speaker: Annie Thomas, KCC Hawaiian & Pacific Collection (and Kleiber)

Annie Thomas' photoPresentation and handout




Genealogy and Biography: (Shim)

Required Readings for October 3 - Discussion leaders: Shim & Kleiber







Resources from Kapena's presentation
(note, this is not a comprehensive list, just resources highlighted in Kapena's presentation. If you find yourself stuck on Reference Question #4, you may want to use the resources with a *** in front. 

Useful Original Records Indexes & Full-text Databases

Useful Published Sources

Journals & Magazines


Biographical Dictionaries

Society, Social, Government Directories

  • Thrums Annual Almanacs, 1875-1974
  • The Blue Book of Hawaiʻi Nei: A Society Directory of the Hawaiian Islands, 1933/34, 1937, 1941
  • ***Government Office Holders, 1843-1959
  • Roster of Legislatures of Hawaiʻi, 1841-1918

Oral Histories

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Week 8: October 10

Arts and Place (Opening video: Petit Kanak)
Music, hula, chant and hip hop: Guest speaker: Keahiahi Long

Keahiahi Long's photo Presentation: Hula and Mele Resources




Land Research (Shim)

Required Readings for October 10 - Discussion leaders: Emma & Sean

Databases & Indexes:

LLMC Digital
This electronic collection of legal materials and government documents is the digital version of microfiche collections created by the Law Library Microform Consortium. The collection includes decisions of federal executive branch agencies, boards, and commissions; Congressional Record; and court decisions. Notably, it includes legal material from Kingdom of Hawaiʻi and Territorial eras, as well as a growing body of Pacific legal material.

TTPI Archives Index
The Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (TTPI) Archives is a collection of more than 2,000 microfilms that document the workings of the TTPI, which governed much of Micronesia from the end of WWII through 1990. The TTPI Index provides title, author, subject keyword searching for a variety of legal materials, including land documents and assorted court cases.

Library Guides:

Finding Court Records in Hawaiʻi

Finding Hawaiʻi Congressional Papers

Hawaiʻi Legal Research libguide

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Archives

Internet Resources:

Hawai'i State Archives Digital Collections

Native Hawaiian and Indigenous Scholarship and Legal Resources

Pacific Collection website: legal sources
A varied list of sources compiled by Pacific Collection librarians.

The Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute (PacLii) is an initiative of the University of the South Pacific School of Law and is committed to publishing and providing access to the law for free. It collects and publishes legal materials from American Samoa, Cook Islands, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Guam, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, New Caledonia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

Print Resources:

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Week 9: October 17

Place and Health (Opening video: Vanuatu sand drawing)
Maps: Guest speaker: Ted Kwok, UHM Maps Collection



Health and medicine: Guest speaker:  Carolyn Dennison - UHM Scitech

Handout and presentationCarolyn Dennison's photo

Required Readings for October 17 - Discussion leaders: Shim & Kleiber

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Week 10: October 24

The Government and the Law (Opening video: National Archives of Fiji)
Federal and State documents and government archives: Guest speaker: Gina Vergara-Bautista

Gina Vergara-Bautista's photo





Legal Materials: Guest speaker: Dore Minatodani - UHM Hawaiian Collection

 PresentationDore Minatodani's photo

Required Readings for October 24 - Discussion leaders: Liʻulā

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Week 11: October 31

Collection Development and Management (Those who came before : the musical journey of Eddie Kamae)

Description and Classification: LCSH, LoC, MaoriSH, and other alternativesGuest speakers: Koa Luke ʻUluʻulu: The Henry Kuʻualoha Giugni Moving Image Archive of Hawaiʻiand Shavonn Matsuda - University of Hawaiʻi Maui College

Koa Luke's photo Shavonn Matsuda's photo


General issues in collection development and management (Shim & Kleiber)



Required Readings for October 31 - Discussion leaders: Shim & Kleiber


Draft final project

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Week 12: November 7

Librarians as Gatekeepers & Enablers (Opening video: "Home Videos" by Luisa Tora)
Meeting our users' needs: Guest speakers: Alex Mawyer and Ron Williams

Alex Mawyer's photo Ron Williams' photo


Reformatting and Repatriation (Kleiber)


Required Readings for November 7 - Discussion leaders: Ellie S. & Ally

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Week 13: November 14

Circling Back

Libraries and Archives in a Pacific Colonial context (Shim & Kleiber)


Discussion with Pacific Librarian: Guest Speaker: Verenaisi Babitu, Secretariat of the Pacific Community

Required Readings for November 14 - Discussion leader: Joy & Ellie K. 

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Week 14: November 21

Our Chosen Profession

Panel discussion with Hawaii-Pacific Librarians: Guest Speakers: AweauNaipo, Thomas, and Matsuda.


Profession in the Pacific: Guest Speaker: Jean Thoulag

Jean Thoulag's photo

Required Readings for November 21 - Discussion by Shim & Kleiber

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Week 15: November 28

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Week 16: December 5

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