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English Composition Open Educational Resources: Information Literacy


Seven Pillars of Information Literacy

The SCONUL Seven Pillars of Information Literacy : Core Model for Higher Education [pdf] provides a model for the development of information literacy as a student proceeds through their university courses. This paper describes each of the actions of the information literate student:

  1. Identify the information need
  2. Identify the scope of the information needed
  3. Plan the search
  4. Gather information
  5. Evaluate the information in terms of validity and relevance
  6. Manage the information
  7. Present the information




Information Literacy User's Guide

How to Use this Book

The Creative Commons license CC-By-NC-SA allows you to re-use this text as a whole, parts of it, and to change the content to create a new product.  The license requires you to share your new product and does not allow you to make a profit from your derivative product.

A User's Guide for instructors provides ideas for incorporating the text into your course.