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Chinese Reference Books Online -- Licensed for UHM Use ONLY

Chinese Reference Ebooks

Chinese Reference Ebooks -- licensed for UHM use only

20 世纪中国学术大典. 语言学 

20 世纪中国学术大典. 哲学

20 世纪中国学术大典. 宗教学

二十五史人名大辞典 (2 册) -- Access to V.1 & V.2 -- also available in print: DS735 .A2 E695 1997 (East Reference)

佛教大辞典 -- also available in print: BQ130 .F584 2002 (East Reference)

汉英经贸分类词典 A Classified Chinese-English Economy & Trade Dictionary

历代避讳字汇典 -- also available in print: DS 734.7 .W366 1997 (East) 

四库大辞典 (2 册) -- Access to V. 1 & V. 2 -- also availalbe in print: AC149 .S75 S77 1996 (East Reference)


中国地名辞源 -- also available in print: DS705 .Z458 2005 (East Reference)

中国古代典章制度大辞典 -- also available in print: JQ1501 .A25 C494 1998 (East Reference)


中国历史人物生卒年表 -- also available in print: DS734 .W77 1981 (East Reference)



中国语言学人名大辞典 The Dictionary of Who's Who in the Research of the Chinese Languages


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