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Tools for Creating a Community Profile: Introduction

Created for Kapiʻolani Summer Camp 2021


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About this Guide

A community profile allows us to understand the demographic and social characteristics of a group of people in a specific place. Professionals use community profiles to assess needs, request funding, allocate resources, and develop plans. Students are often asked to create a community profile as part of a larger community engagement assignment. This guide will cover important resources for data, including the U.S. Census, that may be used to create a community profile

What's in a community profile?

A community profile may include information about the following:

  • Demographic characteristics such as age, ethnicity, and number of immigrants
  • Social characteristics like educational attainment, income, language spoken at home, or poverty status
  • Crime
  • Prevalence of homeless or unsheltered individuals
  • Health status
  • Utilization of social services


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