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Course Materials

Ethnomathematics Course Textbooks and General Reference List (via Google Docs)

Selected Print Books

Ethnomathematics : challenging eurocentrism in mathematics education edited by Arthur B. Powell and Marilyn Frankenstein (GN476.15 .E85 1997)

Ethnomathematics : a multicultural view of mathematical ideas by Marcia Ascher (GN476.15 .A83 1991)


Search the Hawai‘i Voyager catalog for more books. Try a keyword search for ethnomathematics, or related terms such as culture and geometry.​

Selected Electronic Books (login will be required)

Ethnomathematics of Negev Bedouins' Existence in Forms, Symbols and Geometric Patterns, by Ada Katsap, Fredrick L. Silverman

Ethnomathematics and its diverse approaches for mathematics education by Milton Rosa, Lawrence Shirley, Maria Elena Gavarrete, Wilfredo V. Alangui, editors

Search the Hawai‘i Voyager catalog for more. Try a keyword search for ethnomathematics, or related terms such as culture and geometry.

Other Resources

Ethnomathematics Certificate Program from the University of Hawai‘i

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Ethnomathematics Digital Library