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From HI to AZ: Home


Arizona State University and the University of Arizona accounted for 17% of interlibrary loans of federal documents from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Library (UHM), and 26% of Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) ILL loans from UHM over a 5-year period. This guide was created to accompany a poster presentation at the 2016 Depository Library Conference that will explore possible reasons and implications related to consortial borrowing and interlibrary loan networks.

Factors that could drive AZ ILL requests to HI

  • Percent cataloged: UHM Library has holdings in OCLC for all of its post-1976 documents and for approximately 20 percent of its pre-1976 documents.
  • Many West Coast libraries are in systems or consortia, e.g., Orbis Cascade Alliance (Oregon & Washington); University of California System
  • Regionals in many Western states are not academic libraries, e.g., Washington, California. The regional depository for Arizona is the Arizona State Library. A large portion of its holdings have not been cataloged and most of its holdings are not noted in OCLC.
  • Loan policy: UHM Library offers an 8-week loan period. Although periodicals do not circulate, the library does loan annuals.


BorrowItNow, or BIN, is a GWLA borrowing system using a virtual union catalog supported by the Relais International D2D product. It permits unmediated borrowing by patrons for monographs.  It does not currently support requests for articles. University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Library all participated in the 3-year pilot of BIN that began in 2013.  Because many of the items requested by AZ libraries were articles, BIN does not appear to be a significant factor in the number of documents requested from the UHM Library.

Arizona State lending/borrowing with U of Hawaii

All materials (not just government documents)
FY 13-14 219 91 310 881
FY 14-15 406 81 487 887
FY 15-16 396 99 495 564



Arizona libraries were by far the largest state group of borrowers of federal documents from Hawai`i, followed by Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Nevada, and West Virginia.

Institution Number of loans
Loans of federal documents from University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, 2011-2016
University of Arizona 15
Arizona State University 12
Northern Arizona University* 3
Oklahoma State University 5
University of Oklahoma 8
Oregon State University 4
University of Oregon 7
Texas Tech University 4
University of Nevada Las Vegas 4
University of Utah 4
Utah State University 3
West Virginia University 4

*Not a GWLA member


California libraries borrow few federal documents from Hawai`i. Only University of Southern California is a GWLA member. Also, there was no borrowing of federal documents from University of Washington or University of Alaska, which are not GWLA members.

Conclusions and future trends

Probably the most important factor driving ILL requests for federal documents is having holdings in OCLC for a significant portion of the collection. GWLA membership is clearly another important factor in ILL borrowing, although BIN did not appear to be as much of a driver. Participation in other consortia or increasing membership in GWLA could increase loans to other states. Increasing cataloging could also increase the number of loans from HI.


Poster Content: Brad Vogus, Arizona State University Library, and Gwen Sinclair, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Library

Poster Layout & Design: Adrian Carlo Luna


The authors would like to thank Naomi Chow, UHM ILL Librarian;