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Stanley Kaizawa Collection: International Symposium

An announcement of an international symposium: Post-WWII Occupation of Japan

UHM Library International Public Symposium
Post-WWII Occupation of Japan: The Censors and U.S. Censorship Policies

October 5, 2018, 3:00-5:00 pm in Room 306 at the UHM Hamilton Library    

Via the Internet, Dr. Mariko Koizumi will discuss U.S. cultural policies during the Occupation of Japan (1945-1952) and interact with the audience. Dr. Julie Iezzi will share her thoughts on the Kaizawa Collection along with her views on the types of research that might be pursued. Tokiko Bazzell, Japan Studies Librarian, and curator of the Library exhibit, “Nisei Linguists and the Post-WWII Occupation of Japan,” will introduce the Kaizawa Collection and the Kaizawa Collection Digitization Project (JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number JP16H05614). Sponsored by the UHM Library, Kyoto Seika University, & Center for Japanese Studies

3:00---Welcome Remarks by Monica Ghosh, University Librarian
           Brief Introduction by Yukiko Kamijo, Associate Professor, Keio University

3:05---Tokiko Y. BazzellThe Stanley Kaizawa Collection: Behind-the-Scenes

3:15---Mariko KoizumiCultural Power and Its Use with Governing: Based on Kabuki Censorship by the U.S. after WWII

3:45---Julie A. IezziDiving into the Kaizawa Collection: Anticipated and Unanticipated Paths of Exploration

4:25---Q&A and Discussions, moderated by Yukiko Kamijo (Japan) & Tokiko Y. Bazzell (Hawaii)


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Mariko Koizumi

image of Mariko Koizumi

Associate Professor, Faculty of Manga, the Head of University Research Center, Kyoto Seika University, Japan 

Ph.D. in Media Environmental Studies (University of Tokyo). She worked for Mitsubishi Corporation with a main career track in new business development, Keio University as a research associate in the media business and the University of California, San Diego as a visiting scholar. Her publications include: “Video Games in East Asia,” (Coauthor), "The Film Content Industry and Film Policy (Coauthor),” “Culture Web ,” (Coauthor),  “White Paper on Animators’ Labor Conditions 2009 (Supervising editor and coauthor),” and others.

Yukiko Kamijo

image of Yukiko KamijoAssociate Professor, Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance, Project Associate Professor, and Taiyo Nakajima & Kato Patent Attorney


Julie A. Iezzi

image of Julie Iezzi

UHM Dept. of Theatre and Dance, Professor, Interim Associate Chair/Director of Theatre

Ph.D. and MA in Asian Theatre, MA in Musicology (Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music). She translates, publishes and directs kabuki and kyogen plays. She continues to practice and perform tokiwazu narrative music, nagauta shamisen, and kyogen.  Her publications include a chapter on Kabuki in the Cambridge History of Japanese Theatre (ed. Jonah Salz, 2016), and a special edition of Asian Theatre Journal on kyogen (spring 2007). 

Tokiko Y. Bazzell

image of Tokiko BazzellJapan Studies Librarian, Chair of the Asia Collection Department. 

MLS (Catholic University of America), MA (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), & BA (Tokyo Woman's Christian University)

She has been Japan Studies Librarian at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library since 1999. She served as the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) Chair (2007-2009), Business Librarian at the American University of Washington, DC (1996 to 1998), and Research Librarian at the Nomura Research Institute Washington, DC (1986-1996).