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Librarian Contact Information

Keahiahi Long
keahiahi [at] hawaii [dot] edu
2645 Dole Street, Kama 208
Honolulu, HI 96822

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Aloha mai kākou!

This guide was created to help inform students about the various repositories in Hawaiʻi.  In this guide, you'll find information about libraries and archives located on Oʻahu, as well as digital repositories that hold information about Hawaiʻi.

Most Popular Collections

Searching Tips and Tricks

  1. Evaluate each repository / collection for purpose & intent, scope, and type of materials.
  2. Build context and breadth into your searches: hala vs. lau hala vs. lauhala vs. ulana lauhala
  3. Use quotations to search for phrases: "kamehameha paiea" vs. kamehameha paiea
  4. Use * (or sometimes ! or ?) to truncate searches: hawaii* searches for hawaii, hawaiian, hawaiians
  5. Use filters (e.g. date, type, subject) to narrow search results
  6. Re-order results by date, relevance, or title if needed
  7. Use Email, Print, Cite tools if needed