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Nursing: Evidence-Based Practice

Resources for professionalism and cultural competencies, as well as links to related government agencies.

The Iowa Model Revised: Evidence-Based Practice to Promote Excellence in Health Care

UHM Nursing has adopted The Iowa Model Revised to guide the process of evidence-based practice. The phases of the Iowa Model are listed below.

  1. Identify triggering issues / opportunities
  2. State the question or purpose
  3. Determine if the topic (i.e., question or purpose) is a priority
  4. Form a team
  5. Assemble, appraise and synthesize body of evidence
  6. Determine if there is sufficient evidence for the practice change
  7. Design and pilot the practice change
  8. Determine if the change is appropriate for adoption in practice Integrate and sustain the practice change
  9. Disseminate results

Iowa Model Collaborative, Buckwalter, K. C., Cullen, L., Hanrahan, K., Kleiber, C., McCarthy, A. M., Rakel, B., Steelman, V., Tripp-Reimer, T., Tucker, S., & Authored on behalf of the Iowa Model Collaborative (2017). Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice: Revisions and Validation. Worldviews on evidence-based nursing, 14(3), 175–182. (PMID: 28632931)

General Resources

Evidence-based practice is an approach to the practice of nursing in which the nurse makes clinical decisions on the basis of the best available current research evidence relevant to the disease or condition being treated.

The Evidence-Based Practice Guide provides more information about EBP and resources for doing EBP.