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Anthropology and Archaeology in the Pacific: Library Information

An overview to graduate-level research in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections

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Hawaiian and Pacific Collections

Hawaiian and Pacific Collections Reading Room


The Hawaiian & Pacific Collections, located on the fifth floor of Hamilton Library, are among the world's most comprehensive collections of material on Hawaiʻi and the island nations of the Pacific. Both collections have comprehensive acquisitions policies, meaning that they collect in all subject areas, in all formats (print, audio-visual, photographic, etc.), all languages and from all eras, starting with the earliest printed material produced in, or about, Hawaiʻi and the Pacific Islands and continuing through the present day.

Given their important place in the history of Hawaiʻi/Pacific scholarship, the subject areas of anthropology and archaeology are considered to be of major importance -- in addition to published materials, the H&P Collections also have extensive manuscript holdings, documenting the research of many well-known anthropologists and archaeologists. Both the Hawaiian and Pacific Collection also actively acquire audio-visual material, and in particular have strong documentary film holdings -- these materials are housed in Sinclair Library's Wong Audio/Visual Center.

If your research takes you beyond the borders of Micronesia, Melanesia or Polynesia, you will also find materials in other sections of Hamilton Library. The Business, Humanities & Social Sciences Collection covers anthropology and archaeology from around the world, emphasizing the United States and Europe. In terms of the library's layout, Australia is not considered part of the Pacific -- those with an Australian research interest will find most of what they need in the Business, Humanities and Social Sciences Collection. The Asia Collection also has significant amounts of material on anthropology and archaeology of those geographic areas.

Senior Librarian, Pacific Collection

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Stu Dawrs
Pacific Collection, Hamilton Library

Fifth Floor, Office 512
Hamilton Library
2550 McCarthy Mall
Honolulu. HI 96822
(808) 956-9779

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