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World War II in the Pacific: Basic Research Tools

A guide to finding primary and secondary resources.

Online Film Resources

Photo from the film 'A Walk through the Past (Part II)'The photo above is from the film A Walk Through the Past (Part II).

Online Film Resources

Other Online Resources

Basic Reference Books

Map from the Pacific Theater, 1941-1945, War In The Pacific National Historical Park [Guam]

(map credit: Pacific Theater, 1941-1945, War In The Pacific National Historical Park [Guam ])


Click on the highlighted titles below to see where you can find copies of these books in the Library. Check Locations! Items in the Voyager catalog marked UH Mānoa: Hamilton Pacific Reference or UH Mānoa: Hamilton Hawaiian Reference can be pulled directly off the reference shelves in the Hawaiian & Pacific reading room. For items marked UH Mānoa Hawaiian Collection or UH Mānoa Pacific Collection, request retrieval through the "Get This Item" link in Voyager. (Click here for instructions on how to request books using "Get This Item.")

For Hawaiian and Pacific research, all of the same tools exist as for any other kind of research. There are region- and subject-specific dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, histories, newspapers, academic journals and etc. Two very good starting points for general information:

Image Collections

Reward poster from World War II

These image collections cover World War II and the years immediately following, to document both the war and its aftermath in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific. All are scanned from physical images held by the Pacific Collection or the University Archives. The image above is a poster from the War In the Pacific digital collection (see link below).

WWII-era News Sources

Mouse over link for description.