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Public Lecture by Dr. Eiichiro Azuma: Announcement

Public Lecture by Dr. Eiichiro Azuma on August 20, 2019, in Hamilton Library Room 301.

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Narrating transpacific imperial history: Japanese migration, settler colonialism, and the Greater Pacific as Japan's imperial space

Eiichiro Azuma, Ph.D., Alan Charles Kors Term Chair, Associate Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania

August 20, 2019, 3:00-5:00 pm at the UHM Hamilton Library Room 301 
Free and Open to the public (limited to 80 seats)    



Time Table

3:00-3:10.....Welcome remarks by Monica Ghosh, UHM Interim University Librarian
                                                       Lonny Carlile, Center for Japanese Studies Director
                                                       Shana Brown, History Department Chair

3:10-3:15…. Logistics by Japan Studies Librarian
3:15-3:25…..Introduction of the speaker by Yuma Totani, Professor, UHM History Department
3:25-4:30…..Lecture by Eiichiro Azuma, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
4:30-4:55…..Q&A, Discussion led by Yuma
4:55..............Closing by Totani