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Digital and Large Format Services

General Information

  • Large format services from MAGIS are limited and dependent on available staffing.
  • Fees are charged for these services.
  • Scanning is for materials in the MAGIS collections.
  • A minimum of 1 week notice is required for small orders (up to 6 items) and 2 weeks notice for orders greater than 6 items; delivery is subject to staffing availability.
  • Items that do not require the use of the large format scanner require a minimum of 2 days notice. This includes items that we already have scanned or own copies of, including our aerial photograph collection.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse large orders or orders that are outside the scope of MAGIS's purview. MAGIS primarily services the geospatial needs of UH Manoa, and then the UH System; we will honor requests for others, subject to staff availability.
  • Requests that require more than one hour of research will be charged a research fee of $80 per hour thereafter. Aerial photograph requests which include the Island name, Flight Line Number and Unique ID retrieved by using our viewer, will not be charged a research fee.
  • UH system and East West Center users will not be charged for the first 12 digital copies each year. Thereafter, cost recovery and media & delivery fees will apply.
  • MAGIS will not reproduce any items that are not in the public domain unless the user obtains express permission from publisher specifying that the object will be used for academic purposes. We will consider other requests that might fall under the purview of "fair use" under the Copyright Law (Title 17 of the US Code). Fair use is defined as that which is "not used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research."
  • MAGIS fees subsidize the staff time and the long-term preservation of the collection and ensure continued access to maps and imagery for both the public and the University of Hawaii academic community.

Fee Schedule

Category Size/Type Resolution UH Non UH
(non-profit and commercial)
Digital Items Request All sizes 300 dpi Free Free
Aerial Photos 400-600 dpi $10 (12 free per year) $15 (limit 50)
Maps 600 dpi $15 (12 free per year) $25 (limit 50)
Scan Request
from MAGIS collection
Aerials Photos 400-600 dpi $10 $25 (limit 10)
Maps 400-600 dpi $15 $25 (limit 10)
Administrative Fee   $5 flat fee applied to all billed requests
Electronic Delivery   Free via UH File Drop
Media Fee   $1 for CD/DVD or at cost for USB drive, if applicable
Mailing Fee   At cost
Research   $80 per hour
GIS consultation   $80 per hour


Billing Method

  • Students must pay their bill at the Library Business Office window on the first floor before receiving their order.
  • All other requesters will be billed by the Business Office.
  • Any order that is not picked up will be charged a $25 non-collection fee along with the administrative fee, and the order discarded.