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Digital and Large Format Services


  • As of Spring 2024, we are no longer fulfilling requests for higher resolution images beyond what is currently offered online, due to minimal staffing.
  • We will gradually work toward hosting higher resolution images, which will be free to download.
  • Terms of use will not change.

General Information

There are generally three types of digital services that MAGIS might be able to provide -- some are free, some for a fee, but all depend on staffing and resources. Unfortunately we are minimally staff and these are not on-demand services and not guaranteed to be available.

  1. Requests for digital copies of items in the print collection.
    • This is not a scan-on-demand service.
    • Scanning is for materials in the MAGIS collections.
    • For maps and aerials that normally would be added to our digital repository, there's no fee. If there is a request, we will try our best to digitize and add it to the repository where it can be viewed and downloaded. 
    • There's no predetermined timeframe for fulfillment of such requests. Length of time depends on complexity and capacity. 
  2. Research and GIS consultation.
    • Requests that require more than one hour of research will be charged a research fee of $80 per hour thereafter.
  3. Special maps, aerials, and GIS projects:
    • Negotiated with MAGIS and the University Library.

Other factors

  • MAGIS primarily serves the geospatial needs of UH Manoa, and then the UH System; we will honor requests for others, subject to staff availability.
  • MAGIS will not reproduce any items that are not in the public domain unless the user obtains express permission from publisher specifying that the object will be used for academic purposes. We will consider other requests that might fall under the purview of "fair use" under the Copyright Law (Title 17 of the US Code). Fair use is defined as that which is "not used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research."
  • MAGIS fees subsidize the staff time and the long-term preservation of the collection and ensure continued access to maps and imagery for both the public and the University of Hawaii academic community.

Fee Schedule

Category Fee
Administrative Fee $5 flat fee applied to all billed services
Research $80 per hour
GIS consultation $80 per hour


Billing Method

  • Students must pay their bill at the Library Business Office window.
  • All other requesters will be billed by the Business Office.