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All of Us Researcher Workbench

Overview of the All of Us Research Workbench and how to gain access to the Workbench, as well tools and resources to help analyze the data.

The Researcher Workbench

The Researcher Workbench

The All of Us Researcher Workbench is a cloud-based platform where researchers can access registered and controlled tier data after registration. Powerful tools within the workbench facilitate data analysis and collaboration between researchers. Learn more about the Researcher Workbench in this introductory video.

What's available inside the Researcher Workbench?

The Research Hub

The research hub where researchers access data at three different tiers of access: public tier, registered tier, and controlled tier.

Access Tier Available Data Approval Process
Public Tier
  • No approval process; these data are available to everyone
Registered Tier
  • Individual-level data
  • Includes data from electronic health records (EHRs), wearables, surveys, and physical measurements
  • Users must register and be approved to use the data
Controlled Tier
  • Includes data available in the registered tier
  • Contains genomic data: whole genome sequencing and genotyping arrays
  • Previously suppressed demographic data fields from EHRs and surveys
  • Unshifted dates of events
  • Users must complete additional training and approval to access these data

For more information on the processes of data curation, click here.

Research Projects Directory

The Research Projects Directory provides transparency about the way the Workbench and data are being used by providing information about all the projects that exist in the Researcher Workbench.


The All of Us Research Hub features the growing number of publications created using All of Us data. The publications can be browsed or searched by title.