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Description of the NASA publications available in our collection. Topics include aerospace engineering, space travel, planets, and research and development.

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established in 1958. Its predecessor agency was the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA), which was formed in 1915. NASA is responsible for the U.S. space program. It also conducts scientific research on a wide variety of subjects.

Government Documents holds an extensive collection of NASA publications, including the following titles. Approximately 25% of our print holdings are cataloged. We also have a large collection of publications on microfiche that was acquired from the NASA library. Many of the microfiche publications are not available elsewhere. 

These publications are indexed through the NASA technical reports server (NTRS), which also provides links to the full text of most publications. For assistance finding printed or microfiche copies of NASA reports that aren't available online, please contact a librarian.

We have numerous sets of photographs of planets and other objects in space, stickers, posters, pamphlets, CD-ROMs, and other NASA and NACA publications. We also have reports about all of the space program disasters as well as Congressional hearings about NASA funding and activities. Please ask a government documents librarian for assistance.

Woodblock print of astronauts wearing space helmets and suits

NASA astronauts

Aerospace bibliography

A rocket shoots past a moon crater

This is NASA

Cartoon child wearing a space suit surrounded by stars

The air we breathe