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Hawaiʻi - Censuses: 1866

Hawaii Censuses

Hawaiʻi Census Data and Reports, 1866

Hawaiʻi Census, 1866 - Data

Hawaiʻi Census, 1866 - Reports

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What Am I Looking At?

Generally, after censuses are conducted, information gathered falls in two groups:

  1. the data sets - the raw data, originally captured in forms such as enumeration sheets
  2. the reports which interpret and analyze these data sets

The lists on this page provide links to a selection of reports, and data sets and/or enumeration sheets for Hawaiʻi censuses.

Enumeration Sheets

Enumeration sheets are the forms used by census enumerators to gather information from people. Information may include the following: the person's name, place of residence, sex, age, occupation, educational level, language spoken, country of origin.

For privacy reasons, the U.S. Census Bureau does not release enumeration sheets until 72 years after the census has been conducted. The most recent enumeration sheets available for Hawaiʻi are from the 1950 decennial census, released in 2022. Enumeration sheets from the 1960 decennial census are scheduled to be released in April 2032.