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Government Documents - Intelligence Agencies: Central Intelligence Agency

This guide provides an outline of the publications of intelligence agencies available in the Government Documents & Maps Department.

About the agency

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was established in 1947. Its mission is to provide the President with intelligence to ensure national security.

Electronic/internet resources

Our holdings

As one might expect, most CIA documents are classified and are not available in libraries. Government Documents holds a small collection of CIA publications. Here are some of our holdings:

World Factbook (PREX 3.15:) Reference book with entries for all of the countries in the world, with background information, maps, and statistics.

Directories of officials (various countries) (PREX 3.10/7-) Cold-war era posters with photographs of the leaders of various communist countries.

Chiefs of state and cabinet members of foreign governments (PREX 3.11/2:)

Studies in Intelligence (PREX 3.19:) Journal featuring historical articles about CIA activities and personnel. Parts of the contents are classified, so we only have the unclassified issues.

The CIA produces maps of all the countries in the world. The maps are kept in the Map Collection. You may also view some CIA maps online.

The Government Documents collection has a number of congressional hearings, reports, and documents concerning the activities of the CIA. You can search for these in ProQuest Congressional and U.S. Congressional Serial Set. Please ask a librarian for assistance in locating the hearings, reports, and documents in our collection.

The Foreign Relations of the United States series contains many declassified CIA documents.

The Library does not have access to the Digital National Security Archive, another source for CIA documents. The Archive has some declassified documents available on its web site.

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