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Urbanization in the Pacific: Online Resources

Selected Internet Reference Sources

Online Film Resources

Still from the documentary, 'Made in Taiwan'

The photo above is from the film Made in Taiwan, which can be accessed via Films On Demand. Mouse over links for description -- items marked with an asterisk (*) are only available to UH Mānoa students, faculty and staff, with log-in required.

UH-M Digitized Image Collections

Photograph of two canoes with men from the George Grace Linguistic Research Collection The Photo at left is from George Grace Linguistic Research Collection;the below list
includes only Hawaiʻi/Pacific-related digital collections; for links to 
all of Hamilton
Library's digital collections, 
click here


Other Libraries' Digitized Image Collections

Image from the Micronesian Seminar photo album

Mouse over title for description. (Image above is from the Micronesian Seminar photo album "The '70s: Revival of Towns.")

Online Journals

Mouse over link for details (and be warned that the majority of Pacific journals are not available online). Titles marked with a double asterisk (**) are subscription services, and require log-in with UH Mānoa username and password. For one of the most comprehensive databases of open-access, online journals, visit the Directory of Open Access Journals, at

Online Bibliographies

(Mouse over link for description of contents. Links are to PDF documents.) Note: The Pacific Collection also holds print bibliographies for virtually every Pacific country and subject -- most are not available to read online, but all are cataloged in Voyager.

A Note About Hawaiian & Pacific Photo Collections

Only a fraction of all the images held in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections have been digitized. To browse a list of all Pacific-related photo collections in Hamilton Library, type PHOTOGRAPH P in the window below; to browse all Hawai'i-related photo collections, type PHOTOGRAPH H -- these searches will run in Voyager; all the search results are for items in Hawaiian and Pacific Collections; to view them in the library, use the same "Get This Item" request you would for a book or other item. (If a specific collection has been digitized, the Voyager record will have a link to the online images.)


Digital Repositories

Digital repositories house published and unpublished material that has been digitized and made available by the UH-Mānoa Library. The Library currently has two digital repositories, ScholarSpace and eVols -- Scholarspace houses material produced by scholars affiliated with the University of Hawaiʻi; eVols houses material that has been digitized by the Library, but was produced by authors outside of the UH system. Some (but not all) of the material in these repositories can be found by searching the Voyager catalog; but for the most part, you need to search within the repositories themselves to see what's there.

Other Library Catalogs

(Mouse over link for database description)

Other Useful Resources

(Mouse over link for a description of its contents)