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Government Documents - Department of the Treasury: Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Overview of our holdings of the publications of the Treasury Department and its subsidiary agencies, covering topics such as the economy, public revenue and debt, currency, banking, and national security.

About the agency

The Bureau of the Public Debt (PD) and Financial Management Service (FMS) were combined in 2012 to form the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Fiscal Service operates the federal government’s collections and deposit systems, provides central payment services to federal program agencies, and borrows the money needed to operate the federal government through the sale of Treasury bills, bonds and notes. PD was established in 1920 as the Public Debt Service, which had its origins in the Division of Public Debt and Accounts, Division of Loans and Currency and the Register's Office dating back to 1875. FMS was originally established in as the Commissioner of Accounts and Deposits in 1920, which became the Bureau of Accounts in 1940. Its functions were taken on by the Bureau of Government Financial Operations in 1974, and in 1984 its name was changed to FMS. 

Our holdings

Government Documents provides access to many Fiscal Service publications, including the following series: 

Treasury bulletin (T 63.103/2:) Summaries of budget receipts and expenditures, income and debts, Treasury bonds and notes, etc.

Financial report of the United States government (T 63.113/3:) provides information about the U.S. government's debt and finances and offers valuable insights into the overall financial operations, condition, and financial outlook of the federal government.

Monthly statement of the public debt, 1869-present (T 63.215:) MSPD "shows the total Public Debt Outstanding for the United States of America. It lists the outstanding securities issued by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, such as Savings Bonds, Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, and Government Account Series. The MSPD breaks down the total debt into Debt Held by the Public and Intragovernmental Holdings." 

Reports on foreign currencies held by the U.S. government (T 63.118/2:)

Monthly treasury statement of receipts and outlays of the United States government (T 63.113/2:) Summaries of receipts and outlays of government agencies

Tables of redemption values for United States savings bonds [series] (T 63.209:)

We also have Congressional reports, documents, committee hearings, and prints related to the public debt. Search for these using ProQuest Congressional (UHM login required).

History of the U.S. savings bonds interactive timeline


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