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Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Archives: Searching the Index

How to access documents, photographs and other material from the records of the former Trust Territory Government (Micronesia).

Searching the online Trust Territory Archives Index

The Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Index database is most successfully searched using keywords.

Keyword search

And here are some useful ways to help narrow down your search:

  • use quotes to search phrases: "Micronesia status negotiations"
  • use + to mark essential terms: +land
  • use ? with partial words for variant endings: marshall? Finds marshall, marshalls, marshallese. 
  • use ! before words that must NOT appear: schools !photographs
  • Keep in mind that place names used in the index are largely those that were in use during the Trust Territory era -- for instance, Ponape rather than Pohnpei. 
If you want to limit your search geographically, use the geographic subject headings provided in the box to the right.

How To Find Trust Territory Archives Documents On Microfilm

The records of the former Trust Territory Government are contained in a set of microfilm under the call number V10001.  These are located in the microfilm room, on the 1st floor of Hamilton library.

When using the index to find files or documents, it is best to use the "Guided Search" mode, which allows for greater accuracy in constructing searches. Unless you know the specific title of the files or documents you are looking for, use the default "Keyword Anywhere" search and begin with words you would expect to find in the record title. When you've found a file in the index, record the corresponding REEL NUMBER and FRAME NUMBER.  You will need these to find the file on microfilm.  

For example:

Looking for information on the Compact of Free Association, you have found the following record:

example record from TTPI archives index

Go to the Microfilm Collection (1st floor of Hamilton Library), locate the V10001 set and find reel 1533. The frame numbers are not accurate, but if you assume most of the films say they have a maximum of around 250 frames, you can take an educated guess where on the film your document should be. In this example Frame 175 after the middle of the reel.

Helpful hints:

  1. The title used in the Index corresponds with the title noted on the inventory sheet that precedes the actual document on the microfilm.
  2. "Targets" separate one document or file from another on the reel. These are frames that have diagonal stripes across the page/frame. Look for these when trying to find the end of one document/file and the beginning of the next one.
  3. Some microfilm is very difficult to read. Faint carbon copies, damaged documents and faded originals were filmed in the hopes that some portion would be readable. Sometimes making a photocopy from the microfilm will result in greater clarity, and one can experiment with a negative versus positive copy to ascertain the best results.

Trust Territory Archives print index

TTPI archives subject headings

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