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OneSearch Mānoa: Tweaking Results

This guide explains how to use OneSearch Mānoa and describes its content.

Sorting Search Results

By default, search results are sorted by relevance. You may also sort your results by date, popularity, author, or title by selecting an option from the drop-down menu.


The Availability function allows you to restrict the search results to Peer-reviewed Journals, those available online, or materials that are available in the library (i.e., not checked out).

Tweak My Results

An improvement over the Voyager catalog system is the addition of the "Tweak my results" function on a results page.  This function allows you to exclude results and reduce the number of items retrieved.  In general, you can refine your results by the following categories:

  • Material Type: articles, books, electronic resources, maps, etc.
  • Subject: subject headings assigned to the book, article, or other resource
  • Author: personal or corporate author or creator
  • Location: the library within the UH System that has the item
  • Language: results published in a selected language
  • Journal Title: results from specific journal titles
  • Source Database: results from individual electronic resources so you can tell which ones were the most relevant for your topic
  • Classification LCC: Library of Congress classification number
  • Creation Date: clusters the dates of publication of the resources
  • Publisher

The numbers in parentheses after each choice show the number of resources associated with each.

Refine My Results Sample

A search for "pizza" triggers the following results refiners (partial list):

Partial image of options for tweak my results