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Article Indexes, Abstracts, Full Text Databases

Read this first. Use indexes, abstracts, and databases to search for journal articles by subject. Often the full text of the article will be immediately accessible in the database you search. Sometimes, however, the database only provides a citation (article title, journal name, year, etc.) for the article. If you have only a citation, determine if the library has the journal that contains the article you want by following the steps to find journals (in the box to the right).

Find Journals

When you have a citation to an article and need to determine if the library has the journal that contains it, search for the journal name.

Start with

Electronic Journals/ ebooks
UH manoa Library gateway to e-journal titles.

OneSearch Manoa
Includes print subscriptions and some e-journal titles

Interlibrary Loan
If UH Manoa Library does not own the title you need, consider requesting the item via Interlibrary Loan.