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LaTeX: LaTeX Compilers

About LaTeX Compilers

LaTeX compilers can be used online or can be installed on your computer (or mobile device). Instructions for installing a compiler on your computer are beyond the scope of this guide. 

See below for some great browser-based compilers.

Browser-Based Compilers

Browser-based LaTeX compilers are a quick and easy way to get started with typesetting because they don't require downloading/installing. 

  • writeLaTeX - This free LaTeX compiler offers extra features and options for a subscription fee (for which there is a student discount).  However, the free version is sufficient for most undergraduate and graduate level assignments. The site has many resources for getting started with LaTeX, including tutorials and templates. Accessed 04/23/14.
  • ShareLaTeX - Has many of the same features as writeLaTeX. Requires registration to use. Accessed 5/19/14.

Equation-Making Apps

When you only need to format a few equations, you can use one of these LaTeX equation apps. 

These handy apps turn your code into an image file of the typeset equation which you can insert into a document or presentation.

(The equation above was typeset using Tex2Img.)