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Fall 2022 - Researching Waialeʻe

Other Place Names

Try other place names when you search - here is a list of place names within the ahupuaʻa of Waialeʻe. And you may want to search on the name of the two ahupuaʻa surrounding Waialeʻe - Kaunala and Pahipahiʻālua.

Neighborhood Board

North Shore Serials

Start Here

1. Hawaiʻi - General Research

The above guide has most of the basic information and strategies you will need to do Hawaiʻi research, but one thing it does not include is how to check indexing for the Honolulu daily newspapers. Here you go ...

2. Hawaiʻi - Ahupuaʻa Research

The above guide features useful links to resources on Hawaiʻi places. An additional resource is the online library of Environmental Impact Statements from the Hawaiʻi State Office of Environmental Review Program.

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