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Teaching Oceania: Open Access Resources

This guide provides access to freely available online resources, and is intended for students and instructors of Pacific Islands Studies and related fields.

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Fall 2024 (August 26 - December 15)

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Aloha Mai!

This site is meant as an aid to instructors and students of Pacific Islands Studies (and related fields) who may not have access to relevant research material at their home institutions. The site takes as its starting point the UH-Manoa Center for Pacific Islands Studies' Teaching Oceania series of open-access, online books. Resources that are specific to the subjects of these online publications can be found under the "Teaching Oceania" tab at left. The remaining tabs lead to pages that either contain freely available online resources, or that include tips on how to conduct Pacific Islands-related research in the online environment.

A Note To Site Users

This entire site is freely accessible on the internet -- students and instructors are welcome to either link directly to the site or to individual resources listed on these pages, or to download linked materials for their research/instructional use. All material posted on this site is meant for research purposes, in keeping with fair use conventions of United States copyright law.
Although all of the material on this site derives from Open Access sources, that does not mean it is all in the public domain. Unless specifically noted, it should be assumed that copyright for individual materials on this site are owned by the author/creator/publisher of those materials. 
This site is by no means a comprehensive compendium of all available online resources, but rather is meant as a starting point.

Pacific Islands Studies

There are several institutions worldwide that either offer degrees in Pacific Islands Studies, or that are hubs of research for topics related to the Pacific Islands. This (selected) list is meant to give a sense of the wide range of options available to students. Please go here for a fuller list of institutions that have significant collections of material relevant to Pacific research.