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BUS 209 Written Communication in Business

Note: This guide is designed specifically for the Homey writing project (Sections 1, 2, 3, 5; Instructor Wesley Lucas).

Keyword suggestions for BUS 209

Keywords that might help you to identify and question corporate social responsibility claims.

violations, suits, penalties, fines, settlements, complaints, litigation, liabilities, safety

glocal, pollution, sustainable, environment, water, carbon, emissions, green, mitigation, toxic emissions, wastes, greenwashing, bluewashing, environmental responsibility, environmental aspects, carbon offsetting, environmental impact analysis

product quality, social responsibility, safety, work/life balance, social responsibility for business, green products, signaling, business structure, business ethics

Human rights:
human rights, indigenous

equity, union, labor union, union relations, fair labor

community investment, philanthropy, corporate citizenship, SRI investing, socially responsible investing, social investing, responsible investing, ethical investments, fairness, equity, responsibility

corruption, irresponsibility, unethical

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Accounting - Moral and ethical aspects
Accounting - Social aspects
Auditing - Moral and ethical aspects
Auditing - Social aspects
Business ethics
Capitalism - Moral and ethical aspects
Corporate corruption
Corporate image
Corporate identity
Corporate responsibility
Corporate social responsibility
Social action
Social entrepreneurship
Social responsibility of business