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Conducting Genealogy Research in Hawaiʻi

This LibGuide was created for the "Conducting Genealogy Research in Hawaiʻi" presentation at Honolulu Community College on September 19, 2016.


Using Land Records for Genealogy Research

  1. Look at Hawaiian Kingdom Land Documents
    1. AVA Konohiki provides access to Buke Māhele, LCA Indicies, and Native & Foreign Testimonies
    2. OHA's Papakilo Database searches across multiple collections, including Bishop Museum, Genealogy Indexes, Hawaiʻi State Archives Land Index, Hawaiian National Bibliography, Māhele ʻĀina Index, and Nūpepa.
  2. Look at Tax Map Information for Today
    1. Tax Maps from State of Hawaii DAGS
    2. Bureau of Conveyances Name Search provides an index for land transactions that took place from 1976-present.
  3. Use OHA's Kīpuka Database to contextualize historical and contemporary data
    1. Kīpuka visually displays (through a Hawaiian land organization system) data from TMKs, Historic Sites, Land Awards and Crown Lands.