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HWST 207: Mālama Ahupuaʻa: Discovering Resources

This guide was created for the students of HWST 207 in Spring 2017.

Searching Staples

  1. Evaluate each repository / collection for purpose & intent, scope, and type of materials.
  2. Build context and breadth into your searches: hala vs. lau hala vs. lauhala vs. ulana lauhala
  3. Use quotations to search for phrases: "malama aina" vs. malama aina
  4. Use * (or sometimes ! or ?) to truncate searches: hawaii* searches for hawaii, hawaiian, hawaiians
  5. Use filters (e.g. date, type, subject) to narrow search results
  6. Re-order results by date, relevance, or title if needed
  7. Use Email, Print, Cite tools if needed

Upload Your Artifacts

As you complete the search exercises to the right, upload your research artifacts to your group's folder in the class' shared Google Drive folder.  Click the folder above to get to the class' shared Google Drive folder.

After clicking the folder above, create a new folder for your group.  Come up with a name for your group, and then use that name as the name for your group's folder in the class' shared Google Drive folder

Searching Exercise