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HWST 207: Mālama Ahupuaʻa: Using and Citing Information

This guide was created for the students of HWST 207 in Spring 2017.

Evaluation, Synthesis, & Citations

Recognizing Authority in Different Cultures by Keahiahi Long


Kuanaʻike Hawaiʻi

Western Academic Setting

Form of knowledge transmission:

  • Practice

    • e.g. Hula, Mele, Lawaiʻa, Hoʻokele

  • Academic Journal

    • e.g. Journal of Academic Librarianship, Journal of Educational Technology & Society

Expertise derives from:

  • Genealogy

    • ʻohana

    • kumu

  • Experience

    • ma ka hana ka ʻike

  • Educational Achievements

    • e.g. degrees, certificates

  • Position

    • e.g. Director, Associate Professor

Recognized by:

  • Peers (others, especially kumu and elders, who perform that practice)

    • Prevalence & longevity - is this something others do / have been doing, as well

    • Efficiency - is the function tied to a purpose

  • Peers (peer-reviewed journals)

  • Number of times article is cited by others