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ArchivesSpace Local Practices Manual for UHM Archives Staff: Classifications


Purpose: To provide browsing hierarchies for archival materials based on the department that manages them and/or—for University records—their University Records record group classification.  

Who creates, and when:

  • Within the RG Hierarchy (for University of Hawai’i record groups): Should only be created by the Archivist for University Records.
  • Within the DE Hierarchy (for Managing Department): Can be created by any staff member with the permissions needed to do so, usually upon the creation of either an accession record or a resource record.

To Create a New Record:

As implied above, staff will not actually be creating new classification records, rather they will be adding new classifications to the hierarchy of one of the two existing classification records.

Under the ‘Browse’ menu, choose ‘Classifications’.

  • Click the ‘Edit’ button for whichever category set the classification you're adding belongs to.
    • For example, to create lower-level classifications to sub-divide the ‘Asia Collection’ category, click the ‘Edit’ button to the right of “DE Managing Department”.
  • Within the classification record, click open the tiny triangles to the left of the listings in the tree at the top of the record until you see the immediate parent of the classification you would like to add, and then click on that entry. 
    • In this example, “DE01. Asia Collection” is one of the top-level children of “DE. Managing Department”, so I would just click directly on it, without needing to open up the “DE02” or “DE03” sub-trees. 
  • Click the ‘Add Child’ button to create the new sub-classification, and then fill out the ‘Identifier’, ‘Title’, and ‘Creator’ fields.  (Within the Managing Department hierarchy, ‘Description’ should be redundant. However, it may be useful in the Record Group hierarchy.)

Good Practice Fields


Enter an identifier building on the identifier of the parent term. 

  • In the Asia Department example, all sub-departments would have sequential identifiers that started with the identifier for Asia, “DE01.”. 
  • Don’t change classification identifiers once they’ve been assigned!!  (For example, if BHSD acquired archival material that needed to be described in ArchivesSpace, they wouldn’t be added to the ‘Managing Department’ classification in alphabetical order; rather they would be added at the end of the existing sequence, with the identifier “DE04”.) 


Enter the name of the parent department and/or sub-department that the classification record is being created for.


This field should contain your name.  Start typing your name into the search box until the Agent record for your staff login appears, and then link it to the record.