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Research Impact

Tracking Citations

Examples: Webpage, Dossier, Curriculum Viate

Ahmed Moustafa (Department of Biology - American University in Cairo) Dossier
Used ImpactStory for his publications and Google Scholar citation for open source work with JAIiger

Steven B. Roberts (School of Aquatic and Fishery Science - University of Washington) Webpage and Dossier
The webpage Includes links to Research Profiles. The dossier includes (1) open science work with a chart listing various platforms accompanied by metrics and (2) publications with an overall summary using Google Scholar citation and views, downloads, and citations for individual articles.

Stephen Robert Pettifer (Computer Science, The University of Manchester) Curiculum Vitae
Includes a publication key (journal impact factor, Google Scholar Citation, Thompson ISI citation count, ImpactStory, featured, highly accessed, and most read) to codes included with his journal articles citations. 

Ethan White (Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation - University of Florida) Curriculum Vitae
For publication impact links to ImpactStory and Google Scholar citation profiles. For journal articles includes identifies and links to open access versions.  Note: Links to ImpactStory are not working as of 1/5/2021.

Benefits of Almetrics on a CV

1. provide additional information;
2. de-emphasize inappropriate metrics;
3. uncover the impact of just-published work;
4. legitimize all types of scholarly products
5. recognize diverse impact flavors;
6. reward effective efforts to facilitate reuse;
7. encourage a focus on public engagement;
8. facilitate qualitative exploration;
9. empower publication choice; and
10. spur innovation in research evaluation.

See: The Power of Altmetrics on a CV in Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 39(4) · April/May 2013 DOI: 10.1002/bult.2013.1720390405

Bibliographic Management Software

UHM Library offers workshops on bibliographic management software through the Open Workshops series.