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Describes our holdings of Department of Education documents and its predecessor agencies.

Contace the Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education was established in 1867 and in 1868 it was placed within the Department of the Interior. It was named the Office of Education in 1929 and in 1939 it was moved to the Federal Security Agency. In 1953, it became part of the newly-created Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Finally, in 1979 it was separated from the Department of Health and the Cabinet-level Department of Education was created.

Government Documents holds an extensive collection of Office of Education and Department of Education publications, most from the 1910s-present. Additional documents covering 1910-1932 are available in the Executive Branch Documents microfiche set. Approximately 25% of our holdings are listed in OneSearch. We also have hundreds of Congressional hearings and documents about education laws, funding, and other topics. Please contact a government documents librarian if you have questions about our holdings.


The Government Documents Collection has hundreds of statistical publications about various aspects of education. Here are a few of the most popular resources:

The Communication Arts and the High School Victory Corps

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