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Government Documents - Department of State; Peace Corps: Home

Guide to holdings for the Department of State, its subsidiary agencies, and the Peace Corps

About the agency

The U.S. Department of State is the oldest department in the executive branch of the U.S. government, established in 1789. It manages the foreign relations of the U.S. The Department's mission is to shape and sustain a peaceful, prosperous, just, and democratic world and foster conditions for stability and progress for the benefit of the American people and people everywhere. This mission is shared with the USAID, ensuring we have a common path forward in partnership as we invest in the shared security and prosperity that will ultimately better prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow.

Secretary of State

Secretary John Kerry

Secretary John Kerry

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Our holdings

Government Documents holds an extensive collection of State Department publications, including the following series:

Foreign relations of the United States (S 1.1:) Diplomatic correspondence and other papers, usually arranged by subject or geographic area and time period. Older editions covering 1861-1960 are available here.

Department of State bulletin (S 1.3:) The official weekly record of State Department activities.

Visa bulletin (S 1.3/4:) Statistical reports about visas issued

Foreign consular offices in the U.S. (various call numbers) Directory of foreign consulates in the U.S.

Far Eastern series/East Asian and Pacific series (S 1.38:) Documents about foreign policy issues in various countries.

OIR reports (S 1.57:) Office of Intelligence Research reports about social and political activities in various countries.

International organization and conference series (S 1.70:) Reports about U.S. involvement in international organizations such as the United Nations.

General foreign policy series (S 1.71:) Reports about foreign policy issues in the U.S.

American foreign policy current documents (S 1.71/2:) Full text of significant foreign policy documents.

Foreign Service Institute basic language course series (S 1.14.2:) Language learning guides used by the diplomatic corps.

State (S 1.118:) Colorful magazine for State Dept. employees

Background notes (S 1.123:) Facts about foreign countries, including maps and travel advisories.

Treaties and other international acts series (S 9.10:) Individual issues of treaties between the U.S. and foreign countries.

United States treaties and other international agreements (S 9.12:) Bound compilations of treaties.

Country reports on human rights practices (Y 4.F 76/2-12:) Annual report to Congress lists countries and details their human rights laws, activities, and practices.

Most pre-1900 State Department documents, including Foreign relations of the U.S., are available in the U.S. Congressional Serial Set (UHM login required). We have thousands of Congressional hearings and reports about foreign relations and international affairs. Search for these using ProQuest Congressional (UHM login required).

Additional documents covering 1910-1932 are available in the Executive Branch Documents microfiche set. Please contact a government documents librarian if you have questions about our holdings.

We also have a variety of general publications, pamphlets, and other State materials.

About this guide

This guide was revised by J.Walden on May 4, 2015.

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