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Government Documents - Department of State; Peace Corps: Agency for International Development

Guide to holdings for the Department of State, its subsidiary agencies, and the Peace Corps

The Agency for International Development (USAID) was established in 1961 and succeeded the International Cooperation Administration (ICA). It provides humanitarian and development assistance to foreign countries. The ICA was established in 1955 and succeeded the Foreign Operations Administration and its predecessor, the Mutual Security Agency; the Institute of Inter-American Affairs; the Office of Small Business; and the International Development Advisory Board. 

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Government Documents holds a variety of general publications, pamphlets, and other USAID materials. We have a small collection of ICA publications, mostly descriptions of development projects in various countries and guides to developing particular industries. In addition, we have Congressional hearings, reports, and documents about the ICA. We also have a variety of general publications, pamphlets, and other ICA materials. We hold small numbers of publications of the Foreign Operations Administration, the Mutual Security Agency, and the Institute of Inter-American Affairs. Major series and periodicals are listed below.

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