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Government Documents - Department of State; Peace Corps: Diplomatic Personnel

Guide to holdings for the Department of State, its subsidiary agencies, and the Peace Corps

United States State Department diplomatic and administrative personnel

The Official Congressional Directory lists Department of State administrative personnel, including assistant secretaries of state and bureau and division directors.

The Biographic register provides biographical information about U.S. ambassadors to foreign countries and other foreign service personnel. It is now issued online.

Foreign governments in the U.S.

The annual Official Congressional Directory lists the foreign diplomatic representatives and foreign consular offices in the U.S.

Foreign consular offices in the United States is now issued online.

Recent issues of Diplomatic list are available online.

Speeches by Presidents and Secretaries of State

See our guide to the president for additional sources of speeches by presidents.

Speeches given by 20th century secretaries of state and presidents may generally be found in: 

Speeches have been published or reissued in a variety of series, notably:

Far East and Asia series

General foreign policy series (1948-1970s)

International organization and conference series (1948-1970s)

Series S (press releases) (1953-1959)

 If you are looking for a speech by a secretary of state or a president and cannot find it in OneSearch, please contact us so that we may check additional sources.