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Festival of Pacific Arts


This guide was created to serve as a resource to students and researchers, at all levels, who might have in interest in Pacific arts, music, dance, and the Festival of Pacific Arts.

The impetus to create this guide came from a donation to the Hamilton Library's Pacific Collection by Mary Jo Freshley. The donation consists of raw footage of performances from nine Festivals of Pacific Arts. This footage has been digitized and presented in this guide. In addition to the donated videos, a variety of ephemera has been scanned, including festival posters, programs, booklets and news articles.

Not every festival represented on this site includes video but, when available, ephemeral items from each gathering have been scanned and added. All video details were provided by Mary Jo Freshley.


Senior Librarian, Pacific Collection

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Stu Dawrs
Pacific Collection, Hamilton Library

Fifth Floor, Office 512
Hamilton Library
2550 McCarthy Mall
Honolulu. HI 96822
(808) 956-9779
Subjects: Pacific