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Getting the Most Out of SciFinder-n: General Search Tips

Interacting with Search Results

On the top right of the search results page, there are several options:

  • Combining Answer Sets
  • Downloading Results
  • Sharing Results
  • Saving and Alerting

How to Draw or Import a Chemical Structure

Using a structure to query can be a powerful search technique. In CAS SciFindern, you can use CAS Draw or ChemDoodle to create or import structures. Click on the following links for help and tips:


Saving and Combining Searches

Saving Searches

On the results page, click on Save and Alert to save your search or set an email alert for new results. Saved searches can then be used to combine searches or to continue searching at a later time. You can also tag saved searches to organize projects.

Combining Searches

Once you have saved a search, you can combine the saved search with a new search. By clicking the Combine Answer Sets button on a search you can add, intersect, or subtract search results.