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Getting the Most Out of SciFinder-n: Reference Searching

Reference Searching

Searching for references can be helpful if you need to find documents and literature related to a search term, chemical structure, or both. For more advanced reference searching techniques, click here

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Search references with chemical structure

Search references with search terms

Search references with chemical structure and search terms.

Finding Full Text References

Searching References by Structure or Search Terms

Finding References Using Chemical Structures

While in the References searching tab, click on the draw button to import or create a structure in ChemDoodle or CASDraw.

After importing or drawing the structure, click the magnifying glass to submit the query.

For more information on drawing or importing structures, click here. For more on finding references using a chemical structures, see this help page.

Finding References Using Search Terms

To find references using search terms, enter the query into the search bar while on the page for searching References and click on the magnifying glass. To add an advanced search term, or to search with the simple search field and the advanced search field, click on the plus icon.

For more information on searching References with search terms, check this help guide.




Searching References by Chemical Structure and Search Terms

Searching References with Search Terms and Chemical Structure

Combining chemical structures and search terms can be a powerful way to search for references.

For example, you can search the core structure of benzodiazepines with R groups to represent variable side chains in order to search references that include that core chemical structure by using the draw feature. Then, search terms and advanced search terms can be added to refine the search, as seen below.

Full Text References

Finding Full Text References

Once you have found the right reference, you can find access to the full text through the UHM library. Click on the drop down Full Text menu, and select "Find It @ UH Manoa" to go to the library catalog.

This brings you to the library catalog where you can see availability of the reference.