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H&P Resources Online

A guide to Hawaii- and Pacific-related resources for teaching and learning in an online-only environment

Pacific Historic Newspapers Online

Both the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections have a great many historic newspapers, dating from the 19th century through present. Many are in microfilm, and most have not been indexed, meaning that if you're searching for a specific event, your only option may be to go to the microfilms and begin reading papers dating from the period you're interested in. However, some have been digitized, and in these cases are searchable and readable online.

Online Hawaii Newspapers, English language (Licensed for UHM Use Only)

Online Hawaii Newspapers, English language (open access)

News Aggregators

News Aggregators

Websites that gather news from a variety of other sources. They generally feature the major news stories of the Pacific, so are a good place to start for most basic news research.