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H&P Resources Online

A guide to Hawaii- and Pacific-related resources for teaching and learning in an online-only environment



Numerous Hawai'i- and Pacific-related e-books are available to UH students, faculty and staff. The simplest way to find and access them is via OneSearch, the library's online search tool. You can search for either specific titles or more generally, using keywords. On the left side of your screen, you will see a list of search filters -- select "books" and "available online." (Note, if  you are interested in seeing all online-available materials, simply uncheck the "books" filter and search "available online," which will search a broader array of online resources (books, films, selected journal articles, etc.) If you are unfamiliar with OneSearch, this online guide is an excellent introduction.

Google Books

Bess Press

Honolulu-based publisher Bess Press is making its Hawaiian and Pacific Studies Online Platform available in open access until June 30, 2020 at This includes such titles:
  • Hawaiians of Old 4/e (Precontact, Hawaiian Culture/Values/Laws, Stories/Legends) 
  • Hawai'i the Pacific State, 2nd edition (Comprehensive coverage from Precontact History and culture to Hawaiian Monarchy, Annexation and Statehood) 
  • History of the Hawaiian Kingdom (Western Arrival, King Kamehameha, Hawaiian Monarchy, Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy) 
  • Modern History of Hawai'i (Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy, World War I and II, Statehood, Contemporary Issues in Hawaii) 
  • Pacific Nations & Territories (Geology/Geography / Culture / Island Nations of Oceania) 
  • Pacific Neighbors (lower level reading / Geology/Geography / Culture / Island Nations of Oceania) 
  • Illustrated Hawaiian Dictionary (Vocabulary (English/Hawaiian, Hawaiian/English)
To Access these titles:
1. First time entering https// , enter basic information, name and email address, etc. click SEND
2. Next, click on Textbook Content Library box located at the bottom right hand side of the landing page to begin accessing our digital textbook content.
3. Once basic information is entered, you can bypass and go directly to Content Library Link: 
4. At Content Page, select and click on a textbook to access
5. To navigate within a chapter, click on the square panes located at very bottom of each web page; to jump from chapter to chapter, click on the CHAPTER LINK located on the upper right hand side of the site next to CONTENT LIBRARY.
6. To exit a particular digital book and access another title, click on the CONTENT LIBRARY link located on the upper right-hand side of each textbook page next to CHAPTER Link.

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