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H&P Resources Online

A guide to Hawaii- and Pacific-related resources for teaching and learning in an online-only environment

Pacific Pulse

Produced by Pacific Islanders in Communication, Pacific Pulse is a series of short films that look at various aspects of life for Pacific Islanders. All films are freely available online here:


Numerous Hawai'i- and Pacific-related films are available online to UH students, faculty and staff. While it does not search all of the sources listed in the box at left OneSearch will bring up films that the library has digitized and makes available through its own streaming service. You can search for either specific titles or more generally, using keywords. On the left side of your screen, you will see a list of search filters -- select "films" and "available online." (Note, if  you are interested in seeing all online-available materials, simply uncheck the "films" filter and search "available online," which will search a broader array of online resources (books, films, selected journal articles, etc.) If you are unfamiliar with OneSearch, this online guide is an excellent introduction.

Online Film Resources

Still from the documentary, 'Made in Taiwan'

The photo above is from the film Made in Taiwan, which can be accessed via Films On Demand.

Pacific Way - video series by the South Pacific Commission / Pacific Community

The Pacific Way is a film series produced by the Pacific Community (SPC, formerly the South Pacific Commission) starting in 1996. These episodes aired on TV stations throughout Oceania. Early episodes included segments such as music videos, host chit-chat, and letters from viewers, which was discontinued in later episodes. As the SPC is a regional intergovernmental technical support agency, many of the videos are about development projects in the region.

Breadfruit Educational Productions

The website Breadfruit Educational Resources includes a variety of short documentary films created by Dr. Lola Quan-Bautista, who is a faculty member in Pacific Islands Studies. These films include:

Dr. Quan-Bautista's documentary film Breadfruit and Open Spaces is also available for streaming through the library's subscription to Ethnographic Videos Online (click on the film title for a link to the streaming version).