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Digital Collections and Repository Program (D-CARP): Digital Collections & Repositories

Digital Collections & Repositories


is open source digital collection software which the University of Hawaii at Manoa library has been using since 2006. It provides a consistent interface for input and editing of records and for searching and displaying content while permitting a wide variety of presentation styles and level of metadata and description of the digital images. It supports Dublin Core and is OAI-compatible. Collections created using Streetprint are harvested by OAIster and the PRL (Pacific Rim Library) in addition to being crawled by web search engines such as Google.

Lian Huan Hua Chinese Picture Story Books Hawaiian Photo Album Rapanui: The Edmunds and Bryan Photograph Collection


is a very well regarded, and widely used open source platform for creating and disseminating an organization's research material in digital formats.   MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard (HP) jointly developed DSpace.  The library uses it in ScholarSpace as part of a broader scholarly communication/open access initiative and in eVols to deliver digital material that is primarily textual with very few or no images.

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Information about Scholarspace
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Information about eVols


Using standard web pages coded in HTML is a quick way to make digital collections widely accessible. Some advantages of using this method are that a project can be delivered to a world-wide audience very quickly because web editing is a fairly common skill, software is easy to obtain and educational institutions provide a reasonable amount of storage space for relatively small scale projects. Disadvantages include a lack of sophisticated ways to search the collection except via search engine indexing and only being able to present information in a more or less flat and static combination of links.

Annexation of Hawaii: a Collection of Documents
This site was created in 2001-2002.

Annexation web site screen shot
Okinawa Collection - Sakamaki Hawley Collection - Digital Archives Okinawa Collection screen shot

Opium in Asia
created between 2005-2009

Opium in Asia web site screen shot

Asia at Work
created between 2005-2009

Asia at Work web page screen shot


When digital projects start up ad hoc, or when graduate students are interested in working on a digital project, a DIY database may be created. An advantage to this approach is that it can be an educational experience for the student, however, the disadvantages include the high probability that once the project is completed, or the student leaves, the database is frozen.

Russian Passport Album 


This collection of images is indexed and searchable via a very simple custom-created MySQL database with basic PHP page images. A list of names found in the album had previously been created and transliterated into English. The text on the pages is in handwriting and multiple colors, as well as being in Russian. Therefore very little of the content was available other than the translated names.


The Hawaiian collection has created their own digital collection interfaces using javascript and hosted services from campus Information Technology Services (ITS) and

Helen Chapin Newspaper Index
Hawaiian Historical Society web site
Bob Krauss Research Index
ITS hosted Bob Krauss
Oral Histories
ITS hosted Center for Oral History
Hawaiian Chants drum
Hawaiian Songs rattle
Hawaiian Legends Index
ITS hosted