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Digital Collections and Repository Program (D-CARP): Consultation and Grant Writing



Standards and Guidelines




If you are planning a digital library project and/or considering applying for a grant - please consult early and often with the D-CARP staff. Developing a digital project is a multifaceted process. There are many factors to consider such as content selection, needs assessment, financial planning, copyright research, digitization, metadata, encoding, technical options for storage and access, and so on. D-CARP  can provide guidance in many of these areas.

References for developing grant proposals

Standards, Guidelines & Templates



D-CARP applies various metadata standards to specific projects. Program staff consult with catalogers and subject specialists as needed. Under various circumstances the following metadata standards (among others) may be appropriate for digital projects: MARC, Dublin Core . Visual Resources Association (VRA) Core, PBCORE

Descriptive metadata structure standards

Standards for authority data

Markup languages

Other metadata standards