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Government Documents - Department of the Interior: Bureau of Mines

Describes the various agencies under Interior and our holdings of their publications. Topics include public lands, geology, dams, fish and wildlife, national parks and monuments, mining, American Indians, offshore drilling, and related areas.

About the agency

The Bureau of Mines was established in 1910 to collect data about mining and minerals and to oversee mine safety. The Bureau was closed in 1995 and its functions were transferred to other agencies, primarily the U.S. Geological Survey's Mineral Resources Program.

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Our holdings

Minerals are everywhere collage

Government Documents holds an extensive collection of Bureau of Mines publications, including the following series:

Minerals yearbooks (I 19.165:)

Mineral facts and problems (I 27.54:)

Reports of Investigations (I 28.23:)

Information Circulars (I 28.27:)

Mineral trade moves (I 29.39:)

We also have a variety of general publications and other Bureau of Mines materials. A description of the major series published by the Bureau is available from the Department of Labor Library.

Additional information about mineral industries in the U.S. can be found in the decennial census reports. Please refer to the Census Bureau guide for more information.

Additional documents covering 1910-1932 are available in the Executive Branch Documents microfiche set. Please contact a government documents librarian if you have questions about our holdings.

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