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Hawaiʻi - Place Names: Legends, Proverbs, Photographs

Hawaii - Place Names


Hawaiian Legends Index

The 2010 edition of the Hawaiian Legends Index is available in searchable form here:

Proverbs ('Olelo No'eau)

ʻOlelo Noʻeau: Hawaiian Proverbs & Poetical Sayings, by, Mary Kawena Pukui (1895-)

Online not available.
Call number: Hawn PN6519 .H4 P84 1983 (located in Hawn Ref, Hawn, Hamilton and Hamilton Ref)
Check "Index to Place Names," pp. 344+


  • Hawaiian Yesterdays: Historical Photographs, by, Ray Jerome Baker (1880-)   
    Online not available. 
    Call number: Hawn DU623 .B224 (located in Hawn Ref, Hawn, Hamilton folio and Hamilton Ref)