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Government Documents - Congress, Laws, and Legislation: Government Publishing Office

This guide provides information about how to find laws, legislative history, U.S. Congressional publications, and the publications of Congressional agencies.

About the agency

The Government Publishing Office (GPO) was established in 1861 as the Government Printing Office. It is the official printer, publisher, and distributor of U.S. government publications, including electronic publications. In 2014, its name changed to Government Publishing Office.

Electronic/internet resources

Our holdings

Most of GPO's publications are in the form of catalogs or lists of government publications. Some of the most important titles include:

First catalog, A descriptive catalogue of the government publications of the United States, September 5, 1774-March 4, 1881, by Benjamin Perley Poore, published in 1883, covering 1774-1881

John G. Ames’ Comprehensive index covering 1881-1893

Checklist of United States public documents (aka 1909 Checklist) covering 1789-1909

Catalog of the public documents of the ... Congress (GP 3.6:) covering 1893-1940 (also available in HeinOnline; UHM login required)

Monthly catalog of United States government publications (MoCat) 1895-2004

GPO has also published guides and manuals for printers, annual reports, and other documents focused on its activities.


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