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Government Documents - Department of Homeland Security: Customs and Border Protection

Describes our holdings of Homeland Security and related agency publications.

About the agency

Customs and Border Protection began its existence as the U.S. Customs Service in 1789, when it was part of the Department of the Treasury. In 2003, it became CBP when the Department of Homeland Security was established. CBP enforces laws and regulations related to collecting duties and maintaining the security of America's borders.

Our holdings

Government Documents holds a partial collection of CBP publications, including the following series:

Customs bulletin reports administrative rulings related to the collection of duties. These rulings were formerly reported in Treasury bulletin.

Border Patrol statistical publications report apprehensions, deaths, and other metrics.

We have many Congressional hearings, reports, and documents about immigration, border patrol, trade, and related topics. Search for these using ProQuest CongressionalAdditional documents covering 1910-1932 are available in the Executive Branch Documents microfiche set. Please contact a government documents librarian if you have questions about our holdings.

Books about Customs Service and CBP

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