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South Asia Collection Resources: Course Materials

Asian Studies 202 (ASAN 202)

ASAN 202 -- Selected Reference Sources -- South Asia

Selected Print and Digital Reference Sources for South Asia

ASAN 202

Prepared by Monica Ghosh, South Asia Librarian



Encyclopaedia of India, 2008. ASIA REF: DS405.E539

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives, 1989. ASIA REF: DS334.9.C36

The Encyclopaedia Indica, 1986. ASIA REF: AE30.5.H56v.1- 25

Encyclopaedia Indica, 1981. ASIA REF: DS405.S52 v.1-2

Nepal Encyclopedia, 1994. ASIA REF: DS493.3.A25

The Encyclopaedia of Sikhism.1992. ASIA REF: BL2017.3.E63 v.1-3

Encyclopedia of World Cultures, 1991-1996. v. 3. South Asia. ASIA REF: GN307.E53 1991 (WIP)

Encyclopedia of India, 2006. ASIA REF: DS405.E556



Indian Press Index. ASIA: AI3.I75

Guide to Indian Periodical Literature. ASIA REF: AI19.I4 G9 (last 10 years)



Museums in India. ASIA REF: AM73.A2 B74

Museums of India, 1991. ASIA REF: AM73.A2 M87

Indian Directory of Environmental Organisations, 1997. ASIA REF: TD171.5.I4 V36

National Mass Media Directory, Nepal, 1998. ASIA REF: P 92.N4 N386

Indian Textile Annual and Directory. ASIA REF: TS1312.I49 (CVR)


Subject Dictionaries


A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy: Sanskrit Terms Defined in English, 1996. ASIA REF: B131.G67

The Religions of India: A Concise Guide to Nine Major Faiths, 2010. ASIA: BL2001.3.D35

Harper's Dictionary of Hinduism: Its Mythology, Folklore, Philosophy, Literature, and History, 1977. ASIA REF: BL1105.S79

A Popular Dictionary of Sikhism, 1990. ASIA REF: BL2018.C654



Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan, 1997. ASIA REF: DS356.A27

Historical Dictionary of Pakistan, 1999. ASIA REF: DS382.B87

Historical Dictionary of Bangladesh, 1996. ASIA REF: DS394.5.B39

A Classical Dictionary of India: Illustrative of the Mythology, Philosophy, Antiquities, Arts, Manners, Customs &c of the Hindus, 1971. ASIA REF: BL2001.2.G37

Historical Dictionary of India, 1996. ASIA REF: DS405.M27

Historical Dictionary of Sri Lanka, 1998. ASIA REF: DS489.5.S33



The Student's English-Sanskrit Dictionary, 1963. ASIA REF: PK933.A55

Samsad English-Bengali Dictionary. 1982. ASIA REF: PK1687.B53

The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary, 1993. ASIA REF: PK1936.O93



Reference India. ASIA REF: CT1506.R4


Afghanistan, 1992. ASIA REF: DS351.5.J65

Pakistan, 1990. ASIA REF: DS376.9.T39

India, 1995. ASIA REF: DS407.D46

Bhutan, 1990. ASIA REF: DS485.B503 D64

Maldives, 1993. ASIA REF: DS486.5.M3 R49


Bibliographies (continued)

Sri Lanka, 1987. ASIA REF: DS489.S23

Nepal, 1990. ASIA REF: DS493.4.W44



South Asians in North America: Annotated and Selected Bibliography, 1988. ASIA REF: DS503.C35 no.14=


A Bibliography of South Asian Folklore, 1966

ASIA REF: Z5981.S63 K5



South Asian History, 1750-1950; Guide to Periodicals, Dissertations, and Newspapers, 1968.

ASIA REF: Z3185.C3



India: A Reference Annual. (Latest 2 yrs. in REF) ASIA: CALL#: DS405.I64. ASIA REF: 991020 (CD ROM)

Silveira’s India Book. ASIA REF: DS401.D59



Bangladesh, A Traveller's Guide, c1982. ASIA REF: DS393.3.Y46

India Travel Planner ASIA: CALL#: DS406.I53 (CVR)

Pakistan, 1990. ASIA REF: DS376.8.P32

The Real Guide, Nepal, 1992. ASIA REF: DS493.3.R4

Visit Nepal '98: ASIA REF: DS 493.3.V57



A Historical Atlas of South Asia, 1978. ASIA REF.f: CALL#: G2261.S1 H5

An Atlas and Survey of South Asian History, 1995. ASIA REF: G2261.S1 S3



Business Guide to India, 1996. ASIA REF: HG5732.B77

Doing Business in India. ASIA REF: HC431.D65



India. Parliament. House of the People. Who's Who. ASIA REF: JQ263.A44 (CVR*)



Universities Handbook: India.

ASIA REF: L961.I4 U55 (CVR*)


Semiotica Indica: Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Body-Language in Indian Art & Culture, 1994. ASIA REF:NX180.S46 S52 v.1-2



Encyclopaedia of Indian Writers, 1996-. ASIA REF: PK2908.S56 v1-2

Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature, 1987-1994. ASIA REF: PK2902.E53 v.1 - 6

An Encyclopedia of Indian Literature, 1982. ASIA REF: PK2903.G36



Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema, 1999. ASIA REF: PN 1993.5.I8 R277

Directory of Indian Film-Makers and Films, 1994. ASIA REF: PN1998.2.N37


Traditional Medicine

Ayurvedic Drugs and Their Plant Sources, 1994. ASIA REF: RS164.S57


Book Trade

Indian Books in Print. ASIA: CALL#: Z3201.I665 (CVR)


Digital Resources

DSAL (Digital South Asia Library) -- digital/online access to reference sources (online dictionaries), images (photographs), books, historical statistics, indexes, and maps.

SAADA (South Asian American Digital Archive) -- Documents and provides access to history of South Asian-American community.

Journals (Highly select sample of periodicals)

Economic and Political Weekly



India Today

Sri Lanka Journal of the Humanities



Pakistan Times --

Nepal's Online newspapers:

Times of India --

Bangladesh's online newspapers:

Sri Lanka's online newspapers:


Updated 10/10/2013